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Jan Jagriti is an organization which is being operated by the eminent faculty at FODS, KGMU funded and sponsored by UPCST working for defending and promoting Human Rights and in playing an important and positive role in the process of development and emancipation of the under privileged. We work in field of Human rights, Child abuse/neglect, special child’s care and malnutrition; also conduct pre cancer and cancer screening programs, oral hygiene awareness, life style management for people suffering from different disease and disaster management awareness.

Child abuse/ neglect is shrouded in secrecy and there is a hollow silence revolving around the entire subject. Existing socio economic conditions make some children more prone to exploitation, abuse/neglect and the need of the hour is taking apt remedial measures for the same and take up the issue in a comprehensive manner. We should sensitize the common masses towards the scope and applicability of the branch of odontology and educate them on the topics of civic relevance which are considered a taboo in society.

In India if we see the level of conviction in criminal cases it is very disheartening. A majority of criminal cases just fall through because of careless investigations or the trial is unable to prove the involvement of the accused. Many times, the officers who investigate the crime scenes are not competent enough to appreciate the collection of important and crucial forensic materials which could be detrimental for the nailing down of the accused. We are not only devoting our time and energy in conducting awareness programs and screening camps for the susceptible and downtrodden section of the society but also spreading awareness on socially relevant topics of child abuse/ neglect, malnutrition, precancer and cancer screening and hygiene. Although these issues may appear vague but when it comes to underprivileged, illiterate and young children, the problem becomes grave and of utmost importance. The infants and others who face this crime of abuse in their lifetime grow up into under confident, shy, aggressive and introvert individual which is a sign of unsound mental and physical growth and development. So being at a position where we can do something for the society and the government officials are also encouraging and motivating us, we did not want to miss an opportunity to utilize our knowledge and skills and manpower to spread awareness and education on these topics.